Fujitsu Primergy RX900 S2 Server


Eight Processor Powerhouse

The PRIMERGY® RX900 server is an ideal application and database server for organizations that need a robust platform that can scale with their requirements. Its extensive scalability and powerful performance make it an excellent server to consolidate virtualized environments, which reduces system footprints in the data center and their related management, heat, and power costs. The PRIMERGY RX900 server’s next-generation architecture, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 series, makes this consolidation possible. This processor enables the PRIMERGY RX900 to do the work of a huge number of older systems, delivering almost 4x performance gain over previous 4-socket PRIMERGY platforms. Support for up to 2 TB of RAM and sixteen PCI Express slots assure that as workloads expand the system’s capacity can expand as well. The PRIMERGY RX900 is a powerful server platform you can count on to deliver reliable, scalable performance.


Product Key :

  • Up to 8x Intel® Xeon® E7 processors
  • Expandable to 2 TB of DDR3 memory with hot spare and mirroring support
  • Robust I/O design with up to 16 PCI 2.0 slots
  • Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC) for advanced management features
  • 8U rack-mount form factor

Product invormation

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FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Literature

Intel Xeon Processor link

Our PRIMERGY® Servers literature provides additional technical details and other useful product information.


Family Overview


Together, we can keep our planet green and clean

For more than a decade, Fujitsu has made a significant, sustainable investment in enterprise-wide initiatives, from reducing our carbon footprint, to eliminating lead and other harmful wastes from our supply chain and products, to broad recycling and reuse programs and reforestation projects. We continue to invest in innovation and programs that are good for both the environment and our business.

Fujitsu has become the first company in Silicon Valley to install a hydrogen power fuel cell. This revolutionary technology will generate 50% of the power needed to cool the servers in our data centers and computer labs at our Sunnyvale, CA campus, and will pay for itself in 3.5 years. It meets the most stringent air emissions standards set by the California Air Resources Board and produces 35% less CO2 per megawatt-hour than the average fossil fuel-based power plant.

More Information about the hydrogen power fuel cell

In addition, while observing all environmental regulations in our business operations, we are actively pursuing environmental protection activities on our own initiative. Through our individual and collective actions, we will continuously strive to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations.


Fujitsu Environmental and Sustainability Reports

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More Information on Fujitsu Environmental Policies

Server Reliability

A heritage of performance and availability

Fujitsu is known for proven, end-to-end enterprise reliability built on the foundation of its enterprise servers. These products reflect our vast mainframe experience and our deep commitment to reliability. Our industry-standard servers run on Windows®, Linux or Solaris®, and cover your needs from small- and medium-sized businesses to corporate data centers.

  • Sophisticated Cool-safe® technology and multiple redundant, hot-plug components improve performance and increase system availability.
  • To reduce downtime, multiple processor-level and system-level mechanisms and redundancies are used for error detection and recovery. All Fujitsu servers are carefully architected so you don’t need to depend on recovery mechanisms alone.
  • Fujitsu high-end servers host multiple, electrically isolated partitions so they can be serviced separately without taking the entire system offline.
  • Integrated redundant management processors continuously monitor hardware in real time.
  • The Fujitsu Enterprise Computer Heritage shows the developments that led to the rich variety of successful technologies which ensure top line reliability and performance in today’s business environments.

Learn more about Fujitsu servers

Server Security

Architected for Performance and Protection

Fujitsu industry-standard servers cover your needs from small- and medium-sized businesses to corporate data centers. Using our vast mainframe experience, we carefully design and build our servers to provide multiple levels of protection from intrusion.

  • In Fujitsu high-end servers, an integrated management processor continuously monitors internal hardware to maintain uptime. To increase security, the processor connects to internal components via redundant private LANs, and to a remote management console via a secure (SSL), browser-based dedicated connection.
  • All communications between the management processors and the management browser can be protected with 128-bit encryption. Access to the management processors can also be restricted via IP filtering at four account levels — administrator, operator, user, and service person–and all accesses can be logged.
  • Agent software installed on each partition monitors hardware configurations and partition status.
  • Independent, electrically isolated partitions allow security settings to be individually set. If unused web server functions are not required, HTTP ports can be disabled, closing potential security holes.

Analyst Reports

Read the latest analyst reports regarding our offerings.
Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services
24 July 2014 ID:G00262357

This research provides corporate mobility buyers with a view of vendors that can manage globally distributed, enterprise-liable devices and BYOD users. Over the past year, vendors have improved execution and vision to support corporate mobility for many small to large multinational companies.

View: Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services (PDF)


Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services, Europe
15 July 2014 / ID:G00261223

Gartner positions 17 providers of the European end-user outsourcing market according to their execution and strategic vision for the future of these services. Our analysis of key trends, providers and offerings helps sourcing executives choose the right provider in a crowded, critical market.

View: Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services, Europe (PDF)

PRIMERGY Servers – White Papers

Performance Comparison of Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEPOWER Servers

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY® RX600 S4 server was chosen as a potential solution since it can accommodate up to 24 processor cores and 128 GB of memory, making its resources comparable to those of a medium-to-large partition on a PRIMEPOWER® 2500 server.
©2010 Fujitsu America

Performance Comparison of PRIMERGY and PRIMEPOWER Servers (PDF 1,604 KB)


Comparing Mainframe and Windows Server Transactions per kWh

This paper demonstrates that Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers can run between 3 and 24 times as many transactions per kilowatt hour (kWh) as pre-z10 mainframes running the same business transactions. The transaction range depends on whether the mainframe CICS transactions have been Web-enabled, and which technique of Web enablement has been employed. Cost figures are also used to show that moving transactions of this type from the mainframe to Windows Server®–based PRIMERGY servers can save between 19 and 80 carbon credits per year.
©2008 Microsoft Corporation

Comparing Mainframe and Windows Server Transactions per kWh (PDF 380 KB)


Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY BX620 S4 Blade Server for Solving Server Consolidation Problems

The PRIMERGY BX620 S4 offers superior IT system flexibility by expanding network functions, simplifies operation and management by utilizing virtualization technology, and also reduces power consumption. This paper describes the technologies that provide these advantages. —[Hideaki Fujimaki, Masakazu Matsubara, Masatoshi Shinoda] ©2008 Fujitsu Limited

PRIMERGY BX620 S4 Blade Server for Solving Server Consolidation Problems (PDF 580 KB)


Server Virtualization Technology and Its Latest Trends

This paper describes the background behind and latest trends in server virtualization, and outlines Fujitsu’s Virtual Machine Function and the Xen architecture. It then describes our development of various technologies for mission-critical systems. These technologies include large memory management, I/O processing optimization and enhancement, and RAS enhancement. This paper concludes by describing our future plans for server virtualization. —[Yoshihiko Oguchi, Tetsu Yamamoto] ©2008 Fujitsu Limited

Server Virtualization Technology and Its Latest Trends (PDF 606 KB)


Innovative Technologies Realizing Compact PRIMERGY TX120 Server

The need for internal control in enterprises reflects a growing market demand in recent years for data integrity. In line with this trend, enterprises that previously used PCs for data management are now introducing server systems for centralized data processing. For such introduction, customers tend to rely on three main points in selecting a server: size, low noise, and low power consumption. At the same time, innovations are being made in space-saving technology and low power consumption technology. Given these market trends and technological innovations, Fujitsu has introduced the PRIMERGY TX120. —[Akinao Tanikawa, Tadashi Mantani, Noriaki Kobayashi] ©2008 Fujitsu Limited

Innovative Technologies Realizing Compact PRIMERGY TX120 Server (PDF 832 KB)

Servers – Case Studies

Our server case studies provide additional technical details and other useful product information.


Zeon Corp Logo
Zeon Corporation (Japan)

ZEON chose Fujitsu PRIMERGY® IA Servers & ETERNUS® GR700 series storage system because of their excellent cost performance and reliability. Since then, their new SAP system has been working smoothly and supports their standardized operations and efficient management.Zeon Corporation PRIMERGY Case Study (PDF 166 KB)


The Anthony Marano Company Logo
The Anthony Marano Company (USA)

“We switched to Fujitsu because we needed the highest reliability and most redundancy available in a Microsoft-supported platform.”–Chris Nowak, Chief Technology Officer, The Anthony Marano Company

Anthony Marano PRIMERGY Case Study (PDF 371 KB)


Toyo Gakuen University
Toyo Gakuen University (Japan)

“So far, we had configured our IT systems using open-source infrastructure, so we valued a vendor that can provide a great deal of hardware and software information. Fujitsu’s extensive experience with server virtualization and their comprehensive solutions gave us the confidence that their offering would do a lot for TGU.”–Tomoo Shiina
Media Center Manager

Toyo Gakuen University Case Study


City of Rogers logo
City of Rogers (USA)

“Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are fully Citrix-ready and validated, which was extremely important for us. We looked at several vendors, but the marriage between Fujitsu and Citrix offers the best, most cost-effective infrastructure solution to optimize our virtual environment.”

– Rufus Ramey, Director of IT, City of Rogers

City of Rogers Case Study (PDF 393 KB)

Fulton County, Georgia
Fulton County, Georgia (USA)

Based on internal testing, managers expect to consolidate under-utilized legacy servers onto virtualized PRIMERGY servers at a ratio of up to 8:1. The enhanced Fujitsu administration tools and remote access capabilities have reduced management labor hours by 25 percent, and virtualization has dropped server deployment time by 89 percent—from six hours to 40 minutes.Fulton County PRIMERGY Case Study (PDF 319 KB)

Japan Meteorological Agency Logo
Japan Meteorological Agency (Japan)

Fujitsu servers and storage systems were selected as the platforms by JMA for ADESS, the weather service system.Japan Meteorological Agency Case Study (PDF 280 KB)


Emory Healthcare Logo
Emory Healthcare (USA)

“With Egenera’s Pan Manager on Fujitsu blade servers, I can run and add, replace and repair server capacity in minutes.”–Bill Akins, Senior System Specialist, Emory Healthcare

Emory Healthcare Case Study (PDF 526 KB)

Hospice of Michigan
Hospice of Michigan (USA)

“We had lots of hardware that needed to work together in a complex network infrastructure – otherwise the quality of care would be at risk, as would patient confidentiality.”–John Pryor, Corporate Director of Information Systems at Hospice of Michigan

Hospice of Michigan PRIMERGY Case Study (PDF 360 KB)

Vendormate logo
Vendormate (USA)

“The high-performance architecture provided by Fujitsu, along with its industry-leading professional services, gives us the performance, availability, and reliability we need to meet our operational needs.”

– Tim Paulus, Vice President of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Vendormate

Vendormate Case Study (PDF 460 KB)

Information Technology

A+ Solutions Technology logo
A+ Technology Solutions (USA)

“We’ve worked with Fujitsu for a long time on the mobile side of the business and have always been a strong advocate of their solutions. We firmly believe that Fujitsu is the right solution for us and our clients.”

– Steve Cina, Director of Marketing, A+ Technology Solutions

A+ Technology Solutions (PDF 575 KB)

Oracle logo
Fujitsu Processor Drives Powerful Performance in Oracle’s Next-Generation Computing Environment (USA)

“The powerful combination of Oracle software running on Oracle servers built with the Fujitsu SPARC64 VII+ processor means that ‘always on’ means just that.”

– Chris Armes, Vice-President, Oracle Systems, Oracle Corporation

Oracle/Fujitsu SPARC Processor Case Study (PDF 387 KB)

Siemens Logo
Siemens IT Solutions and Services (UK)

“A key factor in our decision was the consistent, long-term relationship between Novell and SAP. SAP applications run seamlessly on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and we get excellent technical support from Novell.”–Michael Gebauer, Solution Architect, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Siemens IT Solutions and Services Case Study (PDF 97 KB)


WeatherNews logo
WeatherNews (USA)

“I’ve been in the IT industry for 20 years and have come to expect at least one product malfunction right out of the box – especially when dealing with a large order,” commented Stanley. “We didn’t have any issues with the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers. All we had to do was power up the servers and they immediately worked the way they were intended.”

– Mark Stanley, Linux systems administrator, WeatherNews

WeatherNews Case Study (PDF 575 KB)