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The Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 is the ideal first server for small and medium-sized businesses. With plenty of RAM and Intel® Xeon® processor support it offers more than enough performance for all classic server tasks, such as file, print, web or office applications.


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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 product family with up to 4 coresUp to 32 GB ECC memory (4 DIMMs) and 4 PCIe slots Provides more than enough performance for small and medium-sized businessesIdeal for all classic server tasks, such as file, print, web or office applications
Up to 4x 3.5-inch non-hot plug SATA storage drives and support for RDX backup devices4 PCIe Gen2/3 slots for e.g. additional LAN or graphics cards

2x onboard Gigabit LAN

Error-correcting code (ECC) memory

High storage capacity for even larger file sets in combination with professional data backupSupports special solutions like control or telephone systems

Redundant LAN connection for higher reliability

Data safety like in high-end server systems

Low noise emissions through optimized air flow and Fujitsu’s Cool-Safe© technologyCompact chassis

Screwless chassis and “Easy Rails” for hard disks

Silent operation for use in offices or showroomsSo small and silent that it might even be placed under desks

Easy, fast and comfortable access to the interior of the server, the hard disks and the PCI slots

Technical details

Chipset Intel® C226
Mainboard type D 3219D 3219-B
Product Type Mono Socket Economy Server
Processor 1 x Intel® Celeron® processor, Intel® Core™ i3 processor, Intel® Pentium® processor, Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200v3 product family1 x Intel® Celeron® processor, Intel® Pentium® processor
Memory 2 GB – 32 GB, DIMM (DDR3)2 GB – 16 GB, DIMM (DDR3)
Drives (optional) DVD-ROM, half height, SATA IDVD Super Multi, half height, SATA I

Blu-ray Disc™ Triple Writer, slimline, SATA I

RDX Drive, 100 MB/s, 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB , USB 3.0

Optional accessible drives 2 (1 bay is occupied by DVD/DVD-RW, 3.5-inch)
Storage drive bays 4x 3.5″ easy change SATA
Storage drives HDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 1 TB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, business criticalHDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 2 TB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, business critical

HDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 3 TB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, business critical

HDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 500 GB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, business critical

HDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 250 GB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, economic

HDD SATA, 6 Gb/s, 500 GB, 7,200 rpm, non hot plug, 3.5-inch, economic

I/O controller onboard 4 port SATA with RAID 0/1/10 for HDDsIntel® i217 + Intel® i210 onboard

2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Infineon / 1.2 (option)
Standard power supply output 250 W
Power supply configuration 1
Active power (max. configuration) 209 W
Weight up to 14 kg
Floor-stand (W x D x H) 175 x 419 x 395 mm
Server Management Server Management
Standard ServerView Suite – DeploySV Installation Manager
Option ServerView Suite – IntegrateIntegration pack for Fujitsu ManageNow® solution
Special features The ideal first server for SMBs. Cost effective performance, 24/7 reliability, silent, compact and easy to service. Ideal for all classic server tasks, such as file, print, web or office applications.
Standard Warranty 1 year
Service Level Onsite Service
Service Lifecycle 5 years after end of product life
Service Weblink



The PRIMERGY RDX (Removable Disk) drive provides professional data backup which everyone can afford. This drive is a new method to backup, archive and transport data. The PRIMERGY RDX drive combines the best features of hard disks and tape drive technology.
Intel® CT Desktop LAN Adapter
Specifically, the Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter uses auto-negotiation to ensure the adapter runs at the highest available network speed (10, 100, or 1000 Mbps), and it maintains full bandwidth capacity with the dedicated bandwidth of a PCI Express input/output (I/O) bus to provide connectivity you can count on.
PLAN CP 2x1Gbit Cu Intel® I350-T2
PLAN CP 2x1Gbit Cu Intel I350-T2 Trust the network communication of the new Ethernet LAN adapter. The new Intel® I350-T2 Ethernet LAN Adapter, based on the Intel® 1GbE LAN Powerville chip, offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports for 10/100/1000BaseT.
PRIMERGY graphics card 512 MB from NVIDIA
The NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300 (512 MB, PCIe x1) is specially designed to supply excellent 2D graphics performance when installed in a PCIe x1-slot, but it is also compatible with PCIe x4, x8 and x16 extension slots.

Support Packs

Support Pack Options Globally available in major business areas:9×5, Next Business Day Onsite Response Time

9×5, 4h Onsite Response Time

24×7, 4h Onsite Response Time

Recommended Service 24×7, Onsite Response Time: 4h


Hardware Maintenance & Software Support Offerings at a Glance

Case Studies

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Aerospace and Defense
    EWS Implements PRIMERGY Scalable Server Platform with LIFEBOOK Mobile PCs for Growth
    Electronic Warfare Solutions (EWS) is an independent and highly specialist company with specific expertise in the domains of electronic warfare and electronic counter measures.
  • United Kingdom , Industry: Local Government
    Tendring Council Gain Mobile Experience With ETERNUS Storage and PRIMERGY
    Situated in the East of England on the Essex coast, Tendring District Council is approximately 130 square miles in size, with a population of almost 140,000.
  • Serbia , Industry: Retail-Wholesale
    DIS Migrates Private Cloud to Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers
    DIS is Serbia’s largest domestic retail chain with stores across the country and over 420 franchise partners. Tags: IT infrastructure , Legacy Modernization
  • Germany , Industry: IT Industry
    Unilab Systemhaus GmbH Equipes with ETERNUS, PRIMERGY Solution
    The unilab group of companies was first established 25 years ago as a cooperation between TU Braunschweig (Brunswick Technical University) and the former Nixdorf Computer GmbH.
  • United Kingdom , Industry: Public Services
    Bron Afon Migrates to Fujitsu PRIMERGY and ETERNUS Hardware
    Bron Afon is a social enterprise that covers construction, community regeneration, support and much more. It was established in March 2008 when Torfaen Council tenants voted for Bron Afon to be their new landlord. Since then it has been bringing their homes up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. Its membership has grown to over 1,800 people who have a say in how things are done, making it one of the largest community mutuals and co-operatives in the United Kingdom.