PRIMERGY Energy Efficient

PRIMERGY Energy Efficient


In today’s world of rising energy costs, energy efficient servers are one important building block helping to significantly reduce the operating costs of your IT infrastructure.

Looking at the entire data center, you might face even more challenges:

  • Can you add more hardware to comply with the requirements of new business processes?
  • Is your air conditioning able to cover today’s and future cooling requirements?
  • Are you still working with the same power envelope your data center was originally designed for?

PRIMERGY servers are designed to meet the latest energy saving requirements and standards, like for example the stringent ENERGY STAR or CSCI regulations. Energy efficient power supplies, smart power management tools and the Cool-safe™ design are just a few things contributing to the overall reduction.

But it’s not only about the energy efficiency of the hardware itself. An IT strategy including blade technology, server & storage consolidation and virtualization can help you to overcome the challenges. Innovative service offerings like “Data Center Efficiency AssessmentOpen a new window” help you to assess and optimize the reliability and energy efficiency of your data center.